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Welcome Post

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your interest in Brick In The Wall.

For those who are new, this project aims to increase awareness and participation in alternative education in Malaysia - study abroad, internships, mentorships, apprenticeships, short term courses, shadowing, service, volunteering, distance education, homeschooling, alternative schools, unschooling, and much more to come.

Planned projects include a comprehensive website, a resource centre, a mentorship program, awareness activities, and plenty of others.

Currently we are:

1. Looking For People
We need 10-20 people to form our core team. This team will discuss, manage, administrate, lead, and implement projects undertaken by Brick In The Wall. Preferably the majority of the group would be youths; however, adults with experience in NGOs, youth work, and/or education are also being seeked.

2. Looking For Resources
We are looking for information on all sorts of alternative education programs - whether it's an acting class or AFS to Australia. The programs can be based in Malaysia or overseas; as long as it's open to Malaysians, it's all good. We are also looking for people interested in being mentors (or any other part of the program), scholarship opportunities, and special events.

Our Project Profile is at http://projects.takingitglobal.org/brickinthewall - please visit and participate.

Post all ideas and discussion here, and spread the word! Thanks! :)
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I am affliated with the Sarawak state Youth and Development ministry and am intrigued with the whole concept of BITW. One of the current projects I am developing is formulating alternative means of education for those who are not academically inclined, especially for those from the rural areas.

I have read the proposal; however is there any way for me to contact you via an IM client to get further details abt it?
Hi Aida!

You can find me on MSN at dimmdangelstar@hotmail.com. However, I may not be available on IM very often; it's not very reliable on my end.

I recommend you email me at mydemand@gmail.com, perhaps with your phone # so that we can discuss further.

Thanks for your interest :)
this sounds really interesting! I'll definitely be keeping up closely with the updates :)

~Amelia // 20 // Penang